UNSEEN: Silhouettes and Shadows

UNSEEN: Silhouettes and Shadows

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Peter Fetterman Gallery is pleased to present the first installment of a reoccurring exhibition platform titled UNSEEN. The presentation aims to show new artists, rare bodies of work, and singular gems from the gallery’s leading collection of fine art photography within the context of various curatorial approaches. This first edition is comprised of humanist, fine art and documentary photography representing the theme of Silhouettes and Shadows, both literally and in metaphor, from six new photographers to the Gallery’s roster: René Groebli, Sabine Weiss, Charles Harbutt, Louis Stettner, Wolf Suschitzky, and Giacomo Brunelli. Over eighty prints from these previously un-exhibited photographers will guide visitors through an exploration of visual mystery and noir charm. A thematically concurrent, salon-style installation of singular works by various artists in the Gallery’s Project Space offers collectors a wide cross-section of significant prints that have been previously withheld from the Gallery’s past exhibitions.

UNSEEN: Silhouettes and Shadows
December 10, 2016 – February 25, 2017

Peter Fetterman Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue Gallery A1
Santa Monica, CA 90404


Charles Harbutt. Chrysler Building, Park Avenue, New York. 1970


Charles Harbutt. Le Mistral, Aboard Le Mistral, France. 1975


Giacomo Brunelli. Pigeon Big Ben. 2013


Giacomo Brunelli. “Woman, Lambeth Bridge”. Eternal London


Louis Stettner. Jardin des Tuileries, Paris. 1997


Louis Stettner. Elbowing, Out of Town News Stand, New York. 1954


René Groebli. Eye of Love #532. 1953


René Groebli. London #1202. 1949


Wolf Suschitzky. Amsterdam, Prinsengracht. 1934


Eikoh Hosoe. Embrace #60. 1970


John Dominis. Jacques D’Ambois Playing with his Sons, Seattle. 1962


Swimming Pool Designed by Alain Capeilleres, Le Brusc, Var, France. 1976


Caj Bremer. On Lake Ladoga. 1980


Ruth Bernhard. Apple Tree. 1973


Dan Budnik. Selma to Montgomery March, Martin Luther King, JR. Reflected in a Rain Puddle, Montgomery County, Alabama. 1965

MonoVisions Black & White Photo Contest 2024