Vintage: Swedish churches (1100-1900 AD)

Vintage: Swedish churches (1100-1900 AD)

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This set shows photos of Swedish churches from 1100-1900 AD – a mix of stone and wooden churches, cathedrals and chapels – country churches as well as city churches. We think that these pictures well describe the wide range of churches to be found all over the country in the 1800s. They also show the surrounding landscape or environment, often with people from Old Time Sweden.


Ekeby Church, Närke, Sweden. Horse carriage outside Ekeby church. The church is from 1774 but parts of the walls remain from an earlier medieval church.


Hudiksvall Church, Hälsingland, Sweden. Hudiksvall church (Jakob’s church) in central Hudiksvall Town.The church was inaugurated in 1672.

Uppsala, Uppsala, Uppsala, Uppland, Byggnader-Religionsutövning - kyrkor-(01) Exteriörer

Uppsala Cathedral, Uppland, Sweden. Uppsala cathedral as it looked from the 1740s to the 1880s, before the restoration by Helgo Zettervall. The cathedral, which is the largest Gothic church in Scandinavia, with its roots in 1273, was inaugurated in 1435. Fyrisån river running by.


Uppsala Cathedral, Uppland, Sweden. Uppsala cathedral after the restoration in the 1880s by Helgo Zettervall. The cathedral, which is the largest Gothic church in Scandinavia, with its roots in 1273, was inaugurated in 1435.


Kumlaby Church, Visingsö, Småland, Sweden. A woman looking at people on tower terrace of Kumlaby church on the island of Visingsö in Lake Vättern. The church was built in the first half of the 12th century and rebuilt by Count Per Brahe in the 1630s.


Harads Church (Edefors Old Church), Norrbotten, Sweden. Harads church (Edefors old church), built in 1888 and destroyed by fire in 1918.


Askim Church, Västergötland, Sweden. People with a dog at the churchyard wall at Askim church in southern outskirts of Gothenburg. The church was built in 1879.


Härja Church, Västergötland, Sweden. People on the road at Härja church. Its oldest parts is from the 12th century.


Öckerö Old Church, Bohuslän, Sweden. Children among gravestones outside Öckerö old church in the archipelago of Gothenburg. The stone church was built in 1450 and built out in 1781.


Garpenberg Miners’ Chapel, Dalarna, Sweden. Garpenberg Miners’ chapel in Dalecarlia. The chapel, from the beginning of the 17th century, is the last and only preserved miners’ chapel in Sweden. The Garpenberg Mine is still active.


Källeryd Church after the fire in 1904, Småland, Sweden. People in front of Källeryd church after the fire in 1904. The church, from 1672, was restored after the fire.


Ekerö Church by Lake Mälaren, Uppland, Sweden. Ekerö church at Asknäs by Lake Mälaren. The church was originally built at the end of the 12th century, probably as a church of the Asknäs estate.


Markaryd Church, Småland, Sweden. Markaryd church, inaugurated in 1857. In the foreground rowing-boats.


Gothem Church, Gotland, Sweden. People at a field near Gothem church with its oldest parts from the 13th century. View from west. To the left is the old school, to the right is the rectory.

via Swedish National Heritage Board

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