Vintage: Pre-oil era in Dubai (1960s)

Vintage: Pre-oil era in Dubai (1960s)

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After years of exploration following large finds in neighbouring Abu Dhabi, oil was eventually discovered in territorial waters off Dubai in 1966, albeit in far smaller quantities. The first field was named ‘Fateh’ or ‘good fortune’. This led the emirate to grant concessions to international oil companies, thus leading to a massive influx of foreign workers, mainly Asians and Middle easterners. Between 1968 and 1975 the city’s population grew by over 300%.

As part of the infrastructure for pumping and transporting oil from the Fateh field, located offshore of the Jebel Ali area of Dubai, a number of 50,000 gallon storage tanks were built, known locally as ‘Kazzans’, by welding them together on the beach and then digging them out and floating them to drop onto the seabed at the Fateh field. These were constructed by the Chicago Bridge and Iron Company, which gave the beach its local name (Chicago Beach) until the Chicago Beach Hotel was demolished and replaced by the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in the late nineties.

Dubai had already embarked on a period of infrastructural development and expansion. Oil revenue, flowing from 1969 onwards supported a period of growth with Sheikh Rashid embarking on a policy of building infrastructure and a diversified trading economy before the emirate’s limited reserves were depleted.


A camel caravan ambles through Dubai, ca. 1960s


A group of Bedouin play music outside a house, ca. 1960s


A man selling dried herbs and lemon pauses to smoke a shisha pipe, ca. 1960s


An open market in downtown Dubai, ca. 1960s


Bur Dubai, ca. 1960s

Dubai Airport in 1965

Dubai Airport in 1965

Dubai airport, ca. 1960s

Dubai airport, ca. 1960s


Dubai city, ca. 1950s


Dubai in the 1950s-1960s


Men reciting prayers for the Muslim festival of Eid in Dubai, ca. 1960s


Oil discovered in the Trucial States, ca.1950s


The city’s creek in Dubai, ca. 1960s


The Clocktower roundabout in the neighbourhood of Deira stands surrounded by sandy, ca. 1960s


The first Jashanmal store in Dubai, 1956


The first jet aircraft to land on the new runway at Dubai Airport was a Comet from Middle East Airlines in 1965


Water supplying in Dubai, ca.1960s

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