Trevor and Faye Yerbury: Yerbury Nudes (Kickstarter)

Trevor and Faye Yerbury: Yerbury Nudes (Kickstarter)

MonoVisions Black & White Photo Contest 2024

Trevor & Faye have waited a long time to see this project come to fruition, and are delighted that they now have complete control of the production.

The book will contain many of their favourite and well known images, dating back to the 80s and coming up to date with more recent work, many of which have not been published before and are unique to this book.

Fine Art-Nude is perhaps the genre for which Trevor & Faye are best known, specialising in this for over 35 years. They have enjoyed numerous exhibitions and commissions, and been featured in many books, magazines and online.

In 2004 they were commissioned by a 5* hotel to provide over 280 large scale art-nude images from their archives. This was the exclusive artwork for all the bedrooms and suites, providing Trevor & Faye with global publicity.

Their work is available in galleries as platinum/palladium prints which they personally produce.

The book is limited to 500 copies, of which 450 will be signed by Trevor & Faye and dated. The Collector’s Limited Edition of 50 books will be presented in stunning Heritage paper-lined, clamshell boxes.

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Steps of Sadness Faye Yerbury

Steps of Sadness, Faye Yerbury


Sarah Pipewell, Trevor Yerbury

The Doorway Faye Yerbury

The Doorway, Faye Yerbury

The Stone Seat-Lozie-art-nude-trevor-yerbury-weymss

The Stone Seat-Lozie, Trevor Yerbury

Victorian Conservatory. Faye Yerbury

Victorian Conservatory, Faye Yerbury

Blackfriars Window-Trevor Yerbury

Blackfriars Window, Trevor Yerbury

The Pillar- Trevor Yerbury

The Pillar, Trevor Yerbury

Flowing in the wind Faye Yerbury

Flowing in the wind, Faye Yerbury

The Black Cape. Faye Yerbury

The Black Cape, Faye Yerbury


Riona-Cocoon, Trevor Yerbury

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MonoVisions Black & White Photo Contest 2024