Scared Scientists portraits

Scared Scientists portraits

MonoVisions Black & White Photo Contest 2024

In his black-and-white photography series “Scared Scientists,” Nick Bowers captures a raw element not often associated with scientific knowledge. For the series, Bowers interviewed a selection of scientists in varying fields, capturing the frightened looks on their faces while they contemplated their findings. The photos are minimalist but intense, each wrinkle and crease pointing to a human unease we can all connect with.


Shauna Murray Biological Scientist University of Technology Sydney, University of Tokyo, University of New South Wales FEAR: REACHING THE FOUR DEGREES OF WARMING


Will Steffen Earth System Scientist University of Florida, University of Missouri, Australian National University FEAR: LOSS OF CONTROL OF THE CLIMATE SYSTEM


Tim Flannery Mammalogist, Paleontologist University of New South Wales, Monash University, La Trobe University FEAR: DISRUPTION OF GLOBAL CIVILISATION


Sarah Perkins Extreme weather researcher University of New South Wales FEAR: INCREASE IN EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS


Peter Macreadie Marine Ecologist University of Technology Sydney, Deakin University FEAR: GLOBAL CATASTROPHE


Penelope Ajani Biological Scientist University of Macquarie, Sydney FEAR: UNKNOWN REPERCUSSIONS OF CLIMATE CHANGE


Matthew England Oceanographer, Climate scientist, University of NSW, Sydney FEAR: CLIMATE INDUCED GLOBAL CONFLICT


Lesley Hughes Ecologist, Macquarie University, Sydney FEAR: SPECIES EXTINCTION

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MonoVisions Black & White Photo Contest 2024