Vintage: historic B&W Streets of New York City (1900s and 1910s)

Vintage: historic B&W Streets of New York City (1900s and 1910s)

MonoVisions Black & White Photo Contest 2024

Collection of historic black and white photos of City Life and Streets of New York City (1900s and 1910s).


West Street piers, cargo and drivers. 1919. New York


Brooklyn Bridge, Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan skyscrapers including the new Singer Building, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Jersey City. 1914.


Queensboro Bridge looking to Manhattan. Queens consists of 19th century wood frame houses, stands of trees, empty fields, a few ponds and streets that just end. New York. May 1912.


Brooklyn Bridge with horse carts on a cobblestone street and a fire in an empty lot. 1918.


Flatbush Avenue Extension teems with horse-carts and trollies. Looking west toward the Manhattan Bridge. Brooklyn, New York. 1914


Passengers on a ferry plying the waters of the Hudson River travel past the Lower West Side of Manhattan. New York. 1914


Industrial Newtown Creek in Queens toward Manhattan with wooden boats and barges . New York. 1915


South Street bustling with commercial activity by the piers toward the Brooklyn Bridge. A city of steel, wood and stone. New York. 1914


West Street in the Washington Market area of Lower Manhattan teeming with buyers and sellers of unloaded goods transported from the rail yards in Jersey City. New York. 1907


86th St northwest to Bay 26th St. Brooklyn, New York. 1918


A lone Ford Model T cruises by an unpaved Shore Boulevard looking southeast from Emmons Ave. (Sheepshead Bay looking into Manhattan Beach). The Manhattan Beach Hotel visible in the backgroud. Brooklyn, New York. 1911


Boys in knickers, suits, caps and ties shoot marbles on the sidewalk while two young rascals look on from a window in a 1800s wood frame house. 41 Sumpter Street in Williamsburg. Brooklyn, New York. 1915


An unpaved Avenue S looking west from East 17th Street to brand new Brooklyn Rapid Transit subway cars. A 19th century wood house in the distance. Brooklyn, New York. 1909


Kids playing on King’s Highway looking east to West 10th street from West 11th Streeet. Empty fields all around. Fifteen years later this will all be filled with new stores and an endless array of apartment buildings. Brooklyn, New York. 1910


Grim view of the New York Central Railroad at the edge of the Harlem River, just south of the High Bridge. Locomotives, piles of ties, rails and coal. Industrial bridges across the Harlem River. Bronx, New York. 1905


Swimming at Rutgers Slip in East River. Summer 1900. New York

MonoVisions Black & White Photo Contest 2024