HackelBury: Twenty

HackelBury: Twenty

HackelBury Fine Art is pleased to present Twenty, an exhibition celebrating two decades of the gallery, 14th June – 10th August 2018. This is the first in a series of exhibitions that will explore the gallery’s history of collecting and exhibiting work by photographers at the forefront of their practise.

Works by Berenice Abbott, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Irving Penn, and Willy Ronis, among others, will be on view. The artworks themselves span seventy years of photographic history—from the 1930s to the turn of the century—and represent key photographers in the field.

In reflecting on twenty years of HackelBury Fine Art, this gallery survey also highlights the personal relationships between the artists and the gallery’s owners/founders, Sascha Hackel and Marcus Bury.

The full list of artists exhibited in Twenty is: Berenice Abbott; Ellen Auerbach; Edouart Boubat; Henri Cartier-Bresson; Robert Doisneau; Elliott Erwitt; Martine Franck; Katia Liebmann; Arnold Newman; Irving Penn; Willy Ronis; Dennis Stock; and Alexandre Vitkine.

HackelBury: Twenty
June 14th – August 10th, 2018

HackelBury Fine Art
4 Launceston Pl, Kensington, London W8 5RL

Berenice Abbott  Flatiron Building, New York, 1938

Berenice Abbott, Flatiron Building, New York, 1938

Ellen Auerbach  Sulphur Bath, Big Sur, California, 1948

Ellen Auerbach, Sulphur Bath, Big Sur, California, 1948

Elliott Erwitt  Wyoming, 1954

Elliott Erwitt, Wyoming, 1954

Henri Cartier-Bresson  Srinagar, Kashmir, 1948

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Srinagar, Kashmir, 1948

Willy Ronis  Le Petit Parisien, 1952

Willy Ronis, Le Petit Parisien, 1952

William Klein  Hamburger 40¢, New York, 1955

William Klein, Hamburger 40¢, New York, 1955