Best B&W photos awarded in Fine Art Photography Awards 2015

Best B&W photos awarded in Fine Art Photography Awards 2015

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Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) announced winners of their annual photography competition.

Ukrainian photographer Maxim Dondyuk has been announced as the overall winner of Professional category with the title: Professional Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2015 and $3000 prize money. His winning series called ‘Culture of the confrontation’ documents 3 months of bloody clashes, tears, fear, Molotov cocktails, burning car tires and deaths during Ukrainian revolution in 2013.

Additionally, in Amateur category Irish photographer Jason Mcgroarty was announced as Amateur Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2015 with $2000 prize money. His winning series called ‘Project Totem’ capture the heart-stopping moment when the wild breaches the barriers of the city and reminds us that the line between humans and wildlife is not as clear-cut as we would like to believe in, and that in the animal kingdom, the only thing we can count on is unpredictability, that the unexpected should be expected.

In 2015 Fine Art Photography Awards received more than 3000 submissions from 77 countries around the world. Winners were selected by highly acclaimed panel of international judges, including: Qingjun Huang, Carolyn Guild, Klaus Kampert, Pini Hamou, Rupert Vandervell, Pongsatorn Sukhum, Kilian Schönberger, Peter Kool, Lara Zankoul and GMB Akash.

Fine Art Photography Awards conducts an annual competition for Professional and Amateur photographers. FAPA mission is to celebrate Fine Art photography and to discover emerging talent from around the world.

Full gallery of winners and nominees:


Photomanipulation: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Patrick Ems – Escaping Reality


Open Theme: professional – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Nicolas Genette – Our hands


Conceptual : professional – 3RD PLACE WINNER: Richard BACHELLIER – Renaissance


Panoramic : professional – 2ND PLACE WINNER: Silvestre Machado – Archictecture fusions


Architecture: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Mohammad Rafiee – Gateway Into Iran


Cityscape: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Dorothée Rapp – a rainy day


Architecture: professional – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Frank Machalowski – multiexpo100


Portrait: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Claudia Wycisk – joker


Fine Art: amateur – 2ND PLACE WINNER: Jurgen Beullens – A SEA OF TIME


Landscape / Seascape: professional – 2ND PLACE WINNER: Jack Curran – Death Valley Contrast


People: professional – 2ND PLACE WINNER: Sylvia de Swaan – The Passage of Time


Portrait: professional – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Erika Masterson – Parts of the Earth 2


Abstract: professional – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Candi Qianwen Jiang – My Geometric World


Portrait: amateur – 2ND PLACE WINNER: Gregor Laubsch – Face


Night Photography: amateur – 3RD PLACE WINNER: Charlotte Gilliatt – Karluv Steps


Photojournalism: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Jan Møller Hansen – Shamsul


Cityscape reflected in puddles on Ohio Street Beach, Chicago

Cityscape: professional – 2ND PLACE WINNER: Steve Geer – City Puddles


Wildlife / Animals: professional – 2ND PLACE WINNER: Mohammad Murad – Between My Feather


Fine Art: professional – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Madiha Abdo – Silver ladies


Architecture: amateur – 3RD PLACE WINNER: Anique Naseeruddeen – G

Baby whales can only stay for short periods underwater so they spend most of their time close to the surface while the mother watches closely just a few metres below. This is a digital wetplate produced with some of the images I took in July 2014 while snorkeling in the South Pacific Archipelago of Vava'u in the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga.

Wildlife / Animals: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: José Javier Delgado Esteban – Whale Nation: Humpback Whales of the South Pacific


Street Photography: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Desislava Ignatova – Ghostly

Panorama of Downtown Dubai engulfed by the late morning fog.  119 Megapixels - 0.11 Gigapixels

Panoramic: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Anique Naseeruddeen – Glacial Storm


Travel: amateur – 3RD PLACE WINNER: Patrick Ems – Malecón – Miles Of Promise


Conceptual: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Jason McGroarty – Project Totem


Portrait: professional – 2ND PLACE WINNER: Alberto Alicata – [re]model


Cityscape: professional – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Julia Anna Gospodarou – Urban Saga I


Architecture: professional – 2ND PLACE WINNER: Julia Anna Gospodarou – Fluid Time – An (en)Visionographic Chicago Story


Photojournalism: professional – 2ND PLACE WINNER: nguyen vu phuoc – After the war


Nudes: professional – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Martin Krystynek – Sensual Beauty


Fashion: amateur – 1ST PLACE WINNER: Brianna Nakatani – Brianna: by Brianna

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