Arthur Griffin: The Divers

Arthur Griffin: The Divers

MonoVisions Black & White Photo Contest

We all remember that suspenseful moment. The one right before you jump, when your feet are still on the ground, and time slows down as you contemplate leaping into the unknown water below. For some, the experience is one of play and excitement. For others the recollection may incite different feelings, possibly of anxiety and fear or of wonder at what lies beneath in the water below. These images, culled from Arthur Griffin’s archives, are frozen transitory moments depicting divers suspended in air and swimmers floating in water. Now frozen in time, Arthur Griffin has captured these brief moments in between take off and landing and just before they sliced the water. The images are reminiscent of childhood, of places hidden in the woods reserved for summer vacations, or of public city pools, where children gather to keep cool. Arthur’s photographs are reflections of a familiar experience; one that many can recollect.

Arthur Griffin
The Divers
March 8 – September 2, 2018

Griffin Museum Of Photography
67 Shore Road, Winchester MA 01890

© Arthur Griffin, "Two Boys Jumping"

© Arthur Griffin, “Two Boys Jumping”

© Arthur Griffin, "Jump"

© Arthur Griffin, “Jump”

© Arthur Griffin, "One Diver"

© Arthur Griffin, “One Diver”



MonoVisions Black & White Photo Contest