Alec Soth: Georgia Dispatch

Alec Soth: Georgia Dispatch

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Over two sweltering, bug-swarming weeks in July 2014 the LBM Dispatch crew (superbly assisted by Stephen Milner and Brett Schenning) covered 2,400 miles in Georgia, exploring the State’s diverse landscapes, histories, and narratives that were alternately harrowing and inspiring. From the Civil War to the last beleaguered Gullah Geechee community on Sapelo Island, the result is a sort of see-sawing time-lapse portrait of a region that continues to straddle the past and the present, and that seems to exist in a state of conflicted nostalgia and perpetual reconstruction.

The LBM Dispatch is an irregularly published newspaper of the North American ramblings of photographer Alec Soth and writer Brad Zellar.

Alec Soth
Georgia Dispatch

Publisher: Little Brown Mushroom 2014
48 pages, Newspaper format
Edition of 2000
1st Designed by Meredith Oberg

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USA. Savannah, Georgia. 2014. Bradley Lock and Key.


USA. Waycross, Georgia. 2014. From left to right: William, Jr., William, Sr., and Harold Wilson, Sr.


USA. Willacoochee, Georgia. 2014. South Georgia County Line Cloggers. Old Fashion Day.


USA. Plains, Georgia. 2014. President Jimmy Carter. Maranatha Baptist Church.


USA. Atlanta, Georgia. 2014. Overpasses for America protest.


USA. Kennesaw, Georgia. 2014. Wildman’s Civil War Surplus.


USA. Atlanta, Georgia. 2014. Dquan Morgan. Johnny Gant’s Art of Boxing gym.


USA. Fort Benning, Georgia. 2014.


USA. Willacoochee, Georgia. 2014. Megan Eubanks. Miss Willacoochee Old Fashion Day, first runner-up.


USA. Southeast Augusta, Georgia. 2014. Frank Norman.


USA. Ware County, Georgia. 2014. Lee Hall and Quintavious Thomas. Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind.


USA. Atlanta, Georgia. 2014. Sisters Mrs. John Beauchamp Coppedge and Mrs. Duddley Ottley Sr. at the Piedmont Driving Club.


USA. Atlanta, Georgia. 2014. Cream Ultra Lounge.


USA. Fort Benning, Georgia. 2014. On the right: Soldier Crystal Padgett with her family.


USA. Atlanta, Georgia. 2014. Leon.

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