Funny Faces of Celebrities by Willy Rizzo (1960s)

Funny Faces of Celebrities by Willy Rizzo (1960s)

Willy Rizzo started his career in Paris where he photographed stars and starlets for ‘Ciné Mondial’, ‘Point de vue’ and ‘Image du monde’. He would even covered the Trial of Nuremberg and established himself with big news reports, notably in Tunisia on the ‘line Mareth’. This set of portraits was taken in his Studio Willy Rizzo in Paris in 1966.

Anna Karina - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Anna Karina

Catherine Deneuve - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Catherine Deneuve

Charles Matton - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Charles Matton

Claudine Auger - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Claudine Auger

Elsa Martinelli - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Elsa Martinelli

Georgia Quental - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Georgia Quental

Jane Fonda - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Jane Fonda

Jean Shrimpton - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Jean Shrimpton

Jean-Paul Belmondo - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Jean-Paul Belmondo

July Egerie de WR - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

July Egerie de WR

Mannequin - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s


Marie Laforet - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Marie Laforet

Martial Raysse - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Martial Raysse

Sophia Loren - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Sophia Loren

Virna Lisi - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Virna Lisi

Yvette Mimieu - willy-rizzo-portraits-funny-faces-of-celebrities-1960s

Yvette Mimieu