Vintage: Streets of New York City (1920s)

Vintage: Streets of New York City (1920s)

Collection of historic black and white photos of City Life and Streets of New York City (1920s).


An endless stream of 1920s cars and buses line up to take a ride through the brand new Holland Tunnel on opening day. Flags are hung throughout and people come out to observe the celebration. Nov 12, 1927. New York.


New York harbor and Lower Manhattan in 1928.


Riverside Park boat club in the Hudson River. Note the large gas tank which stood for decades on the West Side. New York. 1920.


Brooklyn Bridge threatens more snowfall onto busy South Street. Horse carts and trucks near the Battery. New York. 1920


The Barclay-Vesey building (NY Telephone) from the Hudson River. Today, the new World Trade Center is across the street and Battery Park City is where the water used to be. New York. 1927


Utica Ave (with virtually nothing built on its sides) looking south to Maple St from East New York Ave. A few 1920s cars zoom along. Brooklyn, New York. 1929


A lone policeman guards the end of the trolley line on Roebling Street at the Williamsburg Bridge plaza. A stack of cobblestones and a man rolling a new tire behind him. Brooklyn, New York. 1921


Brand new 4 floor brick apartments, car heaters for $10, unpaved muddy street, a lady with baby stroller. 1920s cars. Blake Ave from East 98th St toward Union St. Brooklyn, New York. 1927


Man in a cap with today’s newpaper, 1920s car parked, old wood frame house from the 1800s still there, Elevated railroad overhead. Pitkin Avenue looking west from Pennsylvania Avenue. Brooklyn, New York. 1929


Luna Park on a busy weekend looking north along Jones Walk from entrance on Surf Ave. Women in dresses and men in suits with straw hats. Large industrial gas tanks loom in the distance. Coney Island. Brooklyn, New York. 1925


Socony gas station specializing in Dodge and Studebaker. Wolf’s Head Oil, cars greased, carbon removed for 50 cents, batteries repaired. Everything you need for your 1920s car! East New York Ave by Howard Ave. Brooklyn, New York 1928


Several 1920s cars are parked. Avenue M and Chestnut Avenue, looking east from East 13th St. Brooklyn, New York. 1929


Lincoln Place toward Washington Ave in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn New York. 1924


Small town life with Roulston’s grocery store, another offering cigars, stationery and tootsie rolls. A 1920s truck makes a delivery. Wyckoff Street looking east at Nevins Street. Brooklyn, New York. 1920


A small 1920s delivery truck, a horse and wagon and some bicyclists wait for the speeding train to pass. A large sign for Castoria painted on a building. Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York. 1920


Atlantic Ave looking west from the Sackman St bridge. Long Island Railroad emerging from a tunnel. New 1920s cars zoom along as kids play on the sidewalk. Brooklyn, New York. 1923