Vintage: Girls in Swimsuits (New York City, 1950s-1960s)

Vintage: Girls in Swimsuits (New York City, 1950s-1960s)

Collection of black and white vintage photos that show NYC’s girls in swimsuits (1950s-1960s).


This sun bathing beauty flaunts her curves on the rocks of the Coney Island beach in 1954. (Johb Duprey/New York Daily News)


Matching sunbathers strike a pose while catching some rays on the Coney Island beach in 1955. (Frank Castoral/New York Daily News)


Three bathing beauties soaking up some summer sun on the roof atop the Hotel Sheraton in 1958. (Walter Engels/New York Daily News)


A woman dressed for warm weather makes sure she celebrates Independence Day with a bang, posing next to an enormous firecracker on July 4, 1959. (Gary Kagan/New York Daily News)


Six lovely ladies soak up the sunshine on the beach of Coney Island in 1960. (Ed Peters/New York Daily News)


Although the rocks don’t seem like a comfortable place to relax, this sunbather certainly draws the attention of other beachgoers as she catches some rays in 1964. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)


These sea sirens find their place in the sun as they bask on large rocks on the beach of Coney Island in 1964. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)


A beachgoer rocks a teeny weeny polka dot bikini as she looks out at the Coney Island beach in 1965. (Jim Garrett/New York Daily News)


A line of lovely beachgoers pose together on the sunny beach of Coney Island in 1965. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)


This sunbathing beauty stretches out on the rocks of Coney Island to work on her tan in 1965. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)


A lovely lady tops off her tan while sitting at Pier 44 along the Hudson River, 1966. (New York Daily News)


A bikini-clad beachgoer gives a friendly wave as she stands proudly on a rock in Coney Island in 1966. (Dan Farrell/ New York Daily News)


This sunbather catches some rays as she shows off her curves on the beach of Coney Island in 1966. (Gene Kappock/New York Daily News)


With beachgoers as far as the eye can see, two scantily dressed swimmers stand out in the foreground in Coney Island in 1966. (Dan Farrell/New York Daily News)


Two women run through the water in Coney Island on the first day of summer in 1968, where a whopping 450,000 people showed up to take advantage of the summer solstice. (Tom Middlemiss/New York Daily News)


This bikini-clad beachgoer hops up into the stand during a lifeguard strike in Co


She’s just an all-American girl! A patriotic beachgoer proudly sports her stars and stripes while celebrating the 4th of July on the beach in 1973. (Ed Molinari/New York Daily News)


Two beach babes turn heads on the Coney Island boardwalk in 1974. (Ed Molinari/New York Daily News)