Classic Motorcycles in the 1920s

Classic Motorcycles in the 1920s

In the ‘20s motorcycle development had continued apace, many bikes now sported internal expanding drum brakes, to slow the machines down properly. Many of the bikes produced in the ‘20s still supported the Flat Tank style of fuel tank and the sprung single seat. Passenger comfort was often restricted to a pad bolted onto the rear fender.


Signor Davide Cislaghi with his one wheel motorcycle called the “Monowheel” which is capable of speeds up to 40 mph. The trials have proved a success and the machine will soon be on the market. Date: 01/01/1923


A wireless set on a motorcycle and sidecar. Date: 09/04/1929


English engineer, Sir Charles Parsons (left) surveys his new invention, a new motorcycle engine, as members of the British Association of Scientists take a keen interest. Thomas Edgar Lewis is seen holding the machine. Date: 26/08/1920


The two Royal Princes, Prince Albert, foreground, and Prince Henry, at Cambridge University use motorcyles to go to lectures. Date: 13/02/1920


Albert “Bert” Denly, Motorcyclist, practising at the Brooklands circuit on his Model 18 Norton. The boys in the image are unidentified. Date: 06/04/1925


Marjorie Cottle putting finishing touches on her motorcycle Date: 07/08/1926


Aircraftsman Thomas Edward Shaw on his motorcycle; a Brough Superior SS100. Shaw was better known as Lt Col T.E. Lawrence or ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ A major factor in the Desert War in WWI, he was also an adviser to Prince Faisal during the Versailles Peace Conference, a renowned author and an archaeolgist. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1935. Date: 26/03/1927


Bert Denly, racing motor cyclist,on his Norton 1927 Model 18 500 cc ohv at Brooklands. Date: 01/05/1928


A Greengrocer enjoys a cigarette as he drives down the street with his London ‘shop’. Date: 02/02/1929