Vintage: historic B&W Streets of New York City (1930s)

Vintage: historic B&W Streets of New York City (1930s)

Collection of historic black and white photos of City Life and Streets of New York City (1930s).


An offical US Army Air Corps photograph taken from one of these biplanes. Lower Manhattan, West Street, and an endless array of shipping piers on the Hudson River. New York. 1932


Robert Moses removed a lot of shantytowns and old piers to build the West Side Improvement, Henry Hudson Parkway. 1937. New York


West Side Highway, Hudson River, Jersey City, the SS Majestic and an armada of 1920s biplanes overhead. 1931. New York


Times Square at night in the rain. 1938. New York


Nighttime view from Empire State Bldg. 1939. New York


George Washington Bridge. Parades and celebrations on opening day. October 24 1931. New York


Fifth Ave and 42nd St. New York Library. 1936


Empire State Building northeast to East River. 1938. New York


Depression era street life with children playing and dancing in the street. Lots of vintage storefronts and two 1920 cars parked. 28th street looking east from Second Avenue. New York. April 1931.


Curvy 1930s cars and a trolley do the daily morning rush hour grind into Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge paved with cobblestones. New York. 1938


Lineman on a pole, a rusty abandoned steam shovel at center left, a junk shop, a tired horse carrying a load of heavy buckets. Life was hard in the Great Depression. East New York Avenue looking east to Schenectady Avenue. Brooklyn, New York. 1930


Boys playing baseball on the roof of the Brooklyn Technical High School with the Lower Manhattan skyline in the distance. Signs for the Paramount Theatre are visible, but backwards. Brooklyn, New York. 1933


2530 Pitkin Ave in East New York, Brooklyn, New York. 1938


Man in a suit taking his dog for a walk, used Ford V8 for $25 down, Socony gas station, wood frame house from the 1800s, the Vitagraph Company smokestack. Avenue M at East 17th St showing Elm Ave. Brooklyn, New York 1932


Snediker Avenue looking north from New Lots Avenue. Brooklyn, New York. 1934


Grand opening of a new ramp to the Manhattan Bridge. People used to celebrate things like this. It meant progress. Brand new Empire State Building in the distance. Brooklyn, New York. 1932


Lights and shadows at the corner of Broadway and East 17th Street. A wisp of unspoken mystery prevails. New York. 1930